Deadhead skincare: The Walking Dead facial pack by TonyMoly review

I love the TV show The Walking Dead. It’s a great depiction of how people behave when everything is against them and the whole world has gone to shit.

I don’t really watch it for skincare tips, although I have noticed that they’re all doing pretty well in a world without sunscreen.



But it turns out that The Walking Dead can be a source of skincare inspiration, since Korean brand TonyMoly have created a Walking Dead themed range of beauty products.

Yes, that’s right, zombie-themed skincare, for when you absolutely, positively have to look like you’ve been dead for three weeks.

And since I have yet to reach the limit of weird crap I will throw at my face, I had to have some.

TonyMoly’s Horror Fantasy range also includes a Red Blood Wash shower gel, which looks like it has the potential to get the user arrested:tonymoly-walking-dead-red-blood-wash

No way am I buying that, it’s insane.

OK maybe for Halloween.

So I went to TesterKorea, trotting through the weirdest ingredients I could, and ordered TonyMoly’s Walking Dead Facial Pack. Because that way, the cabbage toner and broccoli moisturiser in the rest of my order would look positively normal.

Since it arrived I’ve been trying on zombie skincare for size and I warn you – the results ain’t pretty. But maybe that’s the point.tonymoly walking dead-facial pack


This is a rose-scented gel mask which dries into a tight plastic sheet, then cracks and flakes off across the skin.

The star ingredient here is dragon’s blood, I guess on account of all the dragons in The Walking Dead. Wait, I think they got mixed up, or possibly ran into copyright issues with Game of Thrones.

Alas this is not actual blood from an actual dragon. It’s sap from the dragon’s blood tree which is credited with healing and protecting the skin.

The Walking Dead Facial Pack also contains rose water, and the whole thing promises to tighten and lift the skin. Cos zombies care about that sort of thing. Almost as much as they do about eating brains.

The instructions for this mask include the legend: Enjoy zombie face for 10 minutes! Thank you, I most certainly will.

I wanted to enjoy that zombie feeling so much I left it on for 15 minutes. Big mistake. By then it was pulling painfully tightly on my skin and making my face go even pinker than usual, as you can see on the left below.

Manipulating the face to make the mask crack was actually quite fun, but at the end of the day there’s no doubt that this is a deeply unattractive mask. Maybe not quite zombie-worthy but you wouldn’t wear it down the shops.tonymoly walking dead facial pack results


Some of the bits just flake off, and the rest has to be removed with the aid of water. A bit of it got left in my eyebrow and when I tried to remove it later, it had dried like cement. If this happens to you DO NOT PULL IT OFF. I made that mistake and now I’m down half an eyebrow.

My skin did feel tighter but also very dry and in need of some serious rehydration afterwards. Now, where did I put that broccoli moisturiser?

Ultimately this is novelty skincare rather than majorly effective. Don’t bother if you have very sensitive skin or are trying to avoid people putting a stake through your head.

But since Halloween is not too far off – the only time you can legitimately scare children and get away with it – I can see this winning TonyMoly plenty of fans, undead or not.


Stockist details:

I bought the TonyMoly Walking Dead Facial Pack from TesterKorea for 11,800 won (around £6.50) plus shipping.