Making a Minecraft birthday cake

And so it came to pass that Gamer Son turned 11. All he wanted for his birthday was a Minecraft birthday cake. Also possibly Mariokart 8 on the Wii U.

Alas I could not provide a Wii U, but a Minecraft birthday cake – that I could do.

And this is it:minecraft birthday cake


I followed this Minecraft cake recipe on All Recipes, which comes with a very helpful video. It makes for a fairly dense chocolate sponge which tastes GREAT.making MInecraft cake

If you are planning on making a Minecraft birthday cake like this one, my advice is to take your time and pay attention to the details. This took me 2-3 hours, although some of that was waiting for the cakes to cool. Often I rush that bit and the icing goes runny.

I bought pre-rolled icing so ensure that the top was entirely uniform and smooth but if you’re confident of your rolling skills I don’t think that’s essential. I also bought ready made Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing. I know full well how to make butter icing but I really wanted this to be perfect so I was trying to cut down the bits I could mess up.

As it turned out it wasn’t entirely perfect as some of the chocolate icing escaped at the seams so the top wasn’t quite as smooth as I wanted it.

But all the small gamer boys who had some liked it. making minecraft birthday cake



So my advice to you if you’re thinking of making a Minecraft birthday cake like this one is:

  • Before, not after you start is the time to check if you have two identical square cake tins
  • If they’re not quite identical you can get away with it with some judicious trimming
  • Don’t skip the cake cooling down step
  • Make a template for the side bits of icing so they’re all identical. This isn’t a time for freehand
  • Watch this video on repeat

And if all else fails, don’t panic because there is a wide selection of Minecraft cake toppers on eBay