Could Harper Collins publish your true story?

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They say that everyone has a book in them, and I guess the trick is to work out what yours is, and know that it’s not just indigestion.

A new imprint from Harper Collins is showcasing real life stories in short ebook format. Good news for readers who want something short to chew over on their commute.

And even better news for writers is that HC are accepting submissions and the submissions box is “open to everyone”. It’s not often you hear that from a major publisher.

HarperTrue aims to publish a new title every week, so get submitting if you’ve got a story to tell or know someone who has. If you’re a journalist who works in the real life field you could keep this imprint supplied for months.

If you’ve got a good story to tell and always intended to write a book about it one day, well, what are you waiting for?

HarperTrue is comprised of five categories:

· HarperTrue Life – Inspirational true stories about the incredible lives of ordinary people

· HarperTrue Friend – Amazing true stories of animal heroes who have helped change lives

· HarperTrue Fate – Moving true life stories of spiritual encounters with the other side

· HarperTrue Love – From first dates to the big day, touching true stories of real life romance

· HarperTrue Desire – Steamy encounters and naughty confessions, turn up the heat with real life erotic stories. Muck, basically. This is the category for you if your story is likely to embarrass your children or make your boss blush.


The books are around 70 pages long (15-20K words) and will retail at 99p.

To submit or enquire about submitting, email


And if you need some career coaching to give you a kick up the backside to help you get writing your book, you know where I am.


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