Travel, time and a transit van: The Brandy of the Damned by JMR Higgs


This is a post about a book I cannot review: The Brandy of the Damned.brandy of the damned

The reason for that is that the author is my partner and cup of tea supplier of nearly 20 years. So in the interests of disclosure, I’m hardly unbiased. If I didn’t like it I would tweet him and tell him (we are THAT modern).

But I do like it, I think it’s terrific, and I think you will like it too. I read it several times during its development, and was the one to answer the author’s question Should I just put this away in a drawer? with No, no, no.

I’m looking forward to reading it again. Check out all the 5 star reviews on Amazon if you want to know why.

The Brandy of the Damned is a book about three people who used to be in a band together, and reunite to drive round the coast of Britain in their old transit van.

You will like this book if:

  • You have a Kindle, or Kindle app (did you know the Kindle app is free?)
  • You’ve ever been in a band
  • You’ve ever wanted to be in a band
  • You like music
  • You hate music (who hates music? Jesus, where’s your soul?)
  • You like your novels not too long (it’s 141 pages)
  • You like a bargain (It’s £1.64)
  • You don’t mind a sprinkling of weird on your plots
  • You like books that get you thinking without hurting your brain
  • You like road movies
  • You like books about places you’ve been to, or would like to go to (The characters travel round all of England, Scotland and Wales. Somewhere will tickle your fancy)
  • You like books about people driving round the UK in a van*

*There aren’t any others. You’ll have to buy this one.



Well, that all worked out pretty well for JMRH.