The world’s worst competition – win a foot grater – COMPETITION NOW CLOSED


You know how sometimes a competition sounds great, then you click on the link and it ain’t so hot? Not here. I’m promising little and delivering less. foot graterAs 2011 comes to a close, let’s round it off in style, with the chance to win a truly terrible prize.

Compers – can you handle the world’s worst competition?


Look, there’s no point in trying to dress it up, it’s a foot grater. Known to its manufacturers as a Ped Egg, it has 135 stainless steel microfiles, so no foot rind is too tough for this bad boy. Includes a compartment in which to store your foot shavings. NB not to be confused with parmesan shavings. That would be very bad.

foot grater shavingsIt’s sealed and unused, that’s the best I can say about it. A PR gave it to me. It’s a little piece of the glamour of media life. That you can shave your foot with.


Leave a comment below telling me why you deserve this terrible prize. Daughter of Mine will be choosing a winner, after she’s done her homework.

Closing date: Midnight on Tuesday 6th December.


If you’re really keen, tweet ‘I’m entering the #terriblecompetition @joannemallon ‘

And for the ultra competitive, there’s an extra entry for Facebook likers of this blog, whether you want one or not.

Say if you are claiming any extra entries. I won’t judge you (much).


The restrictions are, there are no restrictions. We’ll post this feller anywhere in the world. We just want to get rid of it.

Who’s brave enough to enter the world’s worst competition?

It’s over to you.

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