What’s in your handbag, BritMums?

Being an unashamedly nosy bugger, I really like the BritMums project, What’s in Your Handbag?  So after nebbing in to lots of other people’s portmanteaus, it feels only fair to let you into mine.

I have a new bag. It’s a Matt & Nat Lily vegan handbag in orange which I bought in the sale from Javari:



I think it must be made with Time Lord science as it has turned out to be surprisingly capacious. Here’s what’s in it today:



Name: Joanne

Number of children: 2

Blog: www.OpposableThumbsBlog.com

Date photo taken: 23/08/11

Items from left to right, clockwise: Stickers for when I have been good; notebook for noting down all the dirt on mummy bloggers, for my novel; box of business cards; Monkey World souvenir pen; sherbet dip dab ; a fez; a child; sonic screwdriver