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Seeing all the Black Friday offers around today reminds me that it’s this time last year I bought my NuFACE Mini facial toning device. Since I’ve been using it for a year, here’s how I’ve been getting on and whether I would recommend it.

BTW, I bought the device myself (early 50th birthday present). This post may contain affiliate links, but my thoughts are my own and not affiliate-driven. (Saying that, scroll down to the bottom of this post for the latest NuFACE Mini discount code)

What is the NuFACE Mini facial toning device?

If you haven’t seen one before, the NuFACE Mini facial toning device is a hand held portable skincare gadget. It uses micro-current technology to improve skin tone. It’s sometimes called the 5 minute facelift, though personally I think that’s a bit of marketing guff.

Micro-currents have been used on the skin for over 70 years, and were originally used by medical professionals to help patients improve weakened facial muscles (for example, if they had experienced conditions such as Bell’s palsy). They work by emitting a low level current that’s similar to the body’s natural current to tighten and tone the skin.

This is the official video from the brand which shows you how to use the device. Brace yourself, it’s ever so slightly cheesy.

It’s recommended that you use the device 5 times a week for the first couple of months, then reduce to 3 days a week after that. It comes with a charging plug and needs recharging around once a week.

The NuFACE Mini also comes with a small tube of primer gel, which is applied to the face to conduct the current. You’ll need this to help the current penetrate the skin, but you don’t need to stick to the NuFACE brand.

When my primer ran out I bought a big tub of aloe vera gel to use instead. Beauty expert Lisa Eldridge, who’s a big fan of the NuFACE Mini, recommends getting aloe vera leaves and simply squeezing out the gel directly on to the face.

(BTW other high profile fans of this device include model and skincare boss Miranda Kerr , makeup guru Bobbi Brown and Youtuber Angie from Hot n Flashy)

My experience with the NuFACE Mini

I’ve been using the device on and off for a year now. A whole year and not one member of my family has asked me what this weird looking thing on the bedside table is. Perhaps they don’t like to ask.

nuface mini facial toning device

The good part

The good part is that yes I do think it has made a positive difference to my skin. I have no before and after pics because it’s not that dramatic a difference. It’s a subtle change. You’re not going to look 10 years younger, but you will look fresher for now.

It’s very easy to get into and out of the habit of using the NuFACE. At times I haven’t picked it up for months. Then in the run up to my wedding I used it every day for a month, resulting in pretty peachy skin on the day.

I bought the NuFACE Mini after I had an excellent radiofrequency facial in London. I wanted to have another one, but I couldn’t find anywhere that offered radiofrequency facials in Brighton. This led me to look into devices to use at home. The more I researched it seemed as if the device with the best word of mouth was the NuFACE Mini.

I bought this pink and gold set from Look Fantastic (who have some great offers on NuFACe right now ). It’s no longer available, so the devices you’ll see will be the usual white and silver styling.

nuface mini gold set

It’s an expensive device, but I guess if you compare it to the cost of a salon facial then it’s great value. Every time I use it I feel as if I’ve had a facial. It really does perk up and plump the skin.

I haven’t noticed any major effect on wrinkles. The lines on my forehead aren’t going anywhere without the use of injectibles and I just don’t fancy going down that road.

I’ve noticed the biggest effect around the cheeks, jowels and jawline. Whilst it isn’t a dramatic transformation, it’s enough to make me want to keep on using it.

The down side?

The first down side is that the effect isn’t permanent. You need to keep using it to keep feeling the benefits. And the second is that using the device as you’re supposed to takes much more than the recommended 5 minutes. More like 7 or 8. And really, who has that time to spare in the morning?

I’ve seen YouTube videos where people talk about using it for up to 20 minutes a day. Personally, I feel that it works enough to give it 5 minutes a day, but not so much that I would give it more than that.

So now what I do is use it 3 or 4 times a week, but only for the length of the 5 minute cycle until the device switches itself off. It’s very relaxing to use; you don’t feel the current at all.

You’ll see the greatest effects in the first couple of weeks of using the device. However, you do need to keep using it to maintain that effect. If you’re the sort of person who tends to use gadgets until the battery runs flat then leaves them to gather dust, then it’s not for you.

Where to buy a NuFACE Mini facial toning device

NuFACE Mini is widely available, RRP £175. Alas for bargain hunters, the word of mouth is so good on NuFACE that special offers are rare, but they do happen. I will link to any offers I find here.

Best price I can find right now is an excellent deal on Current Body, where it’s reduced to £104. UK shipping is free. This is the best deal I’ve seen on NuFACE in about a year of tracking. If I didn’t already have one I’d be jumping on that from a great height. UPDATE It gets better. Use code YOURNU to get another £3 off.

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Have you used a NuFACE Mini facial toning device? Do you have any questions you’d like answering about this one? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you