Bee Venom Facial Serum by Skin Chemists + special offer code

Bee Venom facial serum by Skin Chemists

Bee Venom facial serum by Skin Chemists


As the weather’s getting warmer, it’s time to switch up the skincare. Last year I tried out the snail range from SkinChemists and used it throughout the winter. Now it’s time to try something new, so I’ve been testing out SkinChemists Bee Venom Facial Serum.

We looked at another bee venom skincare product recently. I wonder if it’s once of those niche ingredients that’s on its way to becoming accepted into the mainstream. In the UK bee venom skincare been hailed by celebrity fans as diverse as Victoria Beckham and both Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge. It’s a pretty age-inclusive product.

The aim of bee venom skincare is to trick the skin into thinking it has been stung. This then optimizes skin turnover and boosts collagen production. There’s no perceptible stinging sensation, though you might be aware of a slight tightening.

The venom is extracted without harming the bees. Usually what happens is that a pane of glass is placed alongside a beehive. A very weak electrical current is then run through it, encouraging the bees to sting the surface.

Because only very tiny quantities of it can be extracted at a time, you generally only find bee venom in higher priced skincare. And sure enough, this serum has a very luxe price tag of £135. However, I have a code to bring that down to under £20 so read on to the end for that.

SkinChemists Bee Venom Facial Serum is full of nourishing, plumping, hydrating active ingredients, designed to stimulate, smooth and firm the skin. Who wouldn’t want a bit of that? It’s a light formula which absorbs quickly, so you can use it layered underneath your regular moisturiser.

The main active ingredients in the formula are:
1) Bee Venom to increase blood circulation, firming and plumping the skin to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.
2) Hyaluronic Acid to provide and maintain moisture in the targeted area helping to firm the skin.
3) A blend of Amino Acids aim to balance the skin, whilst improving skin clarity and encouraging an even skin tone for a brighter complexion.

Obviously bee venom skincare is not for anyone with an allergy to beestings, but if that’s not you then I would recommend giving it a try. Many products promise to firm up the skin, but very few actually do. Having used several bee venom products now, I would say that it’s one of those ingredients that gives a noticeable effect from the first use. It might even leave you buzzing.

Product Details

Bee Venom Facial Serum by Skin Chemists is on sale at a variety of online retailers, RRP £135 for 30ml. I have a special offer code which will allow you to purchase it at the reduced price of £19.99, representing a saving of around 85%. The code is OPPOSABLEBLOG – this is valid until 31st March 2017 when purchasing via the Skin Chemists website here.


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