Beauty meets wellbeing with the Hayo’u Method

Hayou mathod body restorer tool

Hayou mathod body restorer tool

See that metal plectrum in a velvet pouch above? That could be your key to destressing and releasing tension. But first, a little background on the Hayo’u Method.

This is a range for anyone who wants to up their personal care. It’s all about skincare that goes deeper and is about more than just slapping on the goop. It’s even got its own massage ritual which takes no more than a minute to leave you feeling revitalised – and that’s where the metal plectrum comes in.

You might have seen the Hayo’u Method when it was recently featured on London Beauty Queen. Hayley focused on the facial skincare products, so today we’re looking at the bodycare end of the range.

My favourite from the products I tried is the Bath-Rite Bath Minerals (500g, RRP £40). The scent of this is seriously gorgeous, and it wafts all through the house as you run the bath. The fine, sand-like concentrated formula includes Himalayan pink salt, magnesium and maris sal.

Hayou method bath minerals luxury bath salts

The beautiful scent is down to the fact that it’s infused with lotus flower, lemongrass and frankincense. These ingredients are designed to lift your spirit, calm you and help draw out deeply held tension. Close your eyes and you could be in a luxury spa, and not a bathroom that’s pasts its best where the tiles need re-grouting. It’s the sort of product that makes bathing a real pleasure. Although it’s spendy, the tub is massive so it goes a long way. The classy packaging makes this a great gift choice.

Or if bathing’s not your thing, you can take the home spa treatment to the shower with the  Bathe-Rite Shower Minerals (250ml, £28). It’s a similar formulation and scent to the bath minerals, but in liquid form.

hayou mathod shower minerals luxury shower gel

Again this is a product to take your time over. The instructions are to apply firmly all over the body, inhaling deep into the abdomen to maximise its energetic properties. It’s not like any shower gel you’ve used before, I can guarantee that.

The real heart of this range is in the massage tool, and there are separate versions for face and body. These tools enable you to do a one minute acupressure massage ritual. This works by boosting blood flow and increasing lymphatic drainage.

The idea is to deal with daily stress as it happens, without giving it a chance to build up in the body and cause further problems. It’s developed from  Gua Sha (pronounced ‘gwa shar’), a traditional Chinese medical therapy. ‘Gua’ means to scrape or rub, while ‘sha’ describes the redness that results.

I tried this out after my bath with the minerals, using the stainless steel Body Restorer (RRP £35). You can use this tool with any body oil, but it’s best paired with Hayo’u’s own Treat-Rite Body Oil (£33 100ml). This is a concentrated self-massage treatment oil formulated with sea buckthorn and rice oils to deeply nourish and aid skin regeneration.


hayou method luxury body oil



There’s a technique to this which takes a little getting used to, but ultimately it’s very quick to pick up and easy to do. Here’s the body massage method as demonstrated by brand founder Katie:


Katie’s story, and how the range came to be, is pretty fascinating. Hayo’u was founded in 2016 by Katie Brindle, a qualified practitioner in Chinese medicine. After suffering from severe whiplash in a car accident and being debilitated from adhesions caused by a Caesarean, Katie started researching alternative therapies. She found that a combination of Tui Na (Chinese manipulation therapy), acupuncture and Qigong (exercise and breathing techniques) totally cured her, which is how the Hayo’u Method (derived from the Chinese word for wellness) came about.

 So although this is a brand new, innovative range, its roots stretch back centuries. You can see that this is as much a wellbeing range as it is skin and body care. For anyone who feels stressed and wants to pay more attention to themselves, it’s designed with you in mind. If you’re thinking that a massage or a trip to a spa would be a great idea if only you could find the time, this is how to do it without leaving the house.

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All products shown, plus the range for facial skincare, can be found on the Hayo’U Method website. Special promotion currently running gives 10% off, see website for details.
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