Granny chic – Boots relaunches vintage heritage collection


Boots Traditional Skin Care gift set


Who’d’ve ever thunk that Granny Chic would become a thing? And we’d see all them young ‘uns putting massive amounts of effort into going grey? If they just hung around long enough they’d get grey hair for free anyway. Cardigans, cats and cocoa now get teenagers going the way drinking cider and dying your hair black used to when I were a teen. It’s a lot cosier as long as you can cop with the cat hairs.

So this traditional, retro skincare set from Boots, whilst being in no way marketed at teens, has enough Granny Chic appeal to lure ’em in like catnip. Plus it’s got a pleasantly vintage price tag of ~I kid you not ~ £7, so for once teens can actually afford it.

It’s part of the relaunched Boots heritage collection which has been released in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. The gift set includes:


boots heritage collection



Cold Cream is a product I’ve not seen in so long that I had to research what it actually is. Remember old timey films with women making snippy remarks at their husbands whilst smearing their faces in thick white cream at bedtime? That’s cold cream. However, it has fallen out of favour somewhat in recent years due to the presence of mineral oil, which can cause breakouts for some (possibly better warn your teen about that).

Cold Cream is a cleanser that’s been around in one form or another since the second century, when it was invented by a Greek physician. It can also be used as shaving cream or to soothe sunburnt skin. This one has a very distinct Eau de Grandma, in a good way that will probably take you back to your childhood.

**UPDATE – DO NOT use this cold cream as shaving cream. I tried it at the weekend when I was shaving my legs and ended up having to throw the razor away because it got too clogged up with greasy cream. Definitely a fail on that one**

Scentwise I preferred the moisturising cream, though I would be more inclined to use it as a body moisturiser since the tub is so big. I would have liked a bit more rose scent and a little less alcohol in the toner but then at these prices I don’t think you can complain too much.

The only down side to this beautifully packaged gift set is that it’s a limited edition only available in selected London Boots stores (so not all of them). However, the individual items are on sale online and nationwide so there’s nothing to stop you making up your own gift hamper and giving it to your granny or your teenager (assuming you can tell the difference).


Product details:

The Boots Traditional limited edition collection products are available individually as well as the set shown here. Prices start at £2.39 and the boxed set is £7. The set is in selected London Boots stores from 8 June.


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