New stationery alert! Kaweco fountain pen by Pen Heaven


kaweco pen heaven fountain pen review

Exam season is coming up, and even if you’re not doing  any exams yourself, just the fact that it EXISTS is traumatic enough, so of course you need new stationery to get through the stress of it all.

Thank heavens for Pen Heaven who asked me to try out a new pen from their range. Since I start swooning and coming over all peculiar at anything retro, I went for a pen from Kaweco, a heritage brand founded in Germany in 1883.

Kaweco’s designs are unchanged for over a century, and their logo is more like a 1950s American diner font. Can’t say more retro than that.

The Sport fountain pen which I was sent is quite small and lightweight – this is a pen for carrying about with you, rather than leaving on your desk. Ambulatory, not stationary stationery, if you get my drift.

But although it’s light, it’s still quite sturdy and seems solid rather than flimsy. Apparently this pocket-sized Sport fountain pen was originally designed for “ladies, officers and sportsmen”, because who doesn’t need to have a decent pen about them at all times?

And if you are the sort of person who carries a fountain pen with you at all times, then please make yourself known because I’d like to say hello.

Pen Heaven offer a gift wrapping option, and my pen was sent hand wrapped as you can see here. It’s really very pretty, with silver paper, a gift tag and co-coordinating ribbon.



Pen Heaven Kaweco review

Below is what the Kaweco Sport looks like unwrapped. The pen comes in a lightweight black cardboard box, and with the lid on it’s about two thirds the size of a regular pen. The barrel is hexagonal-shaped; a design that’s been the same since 1911. Attach the lid to the barrel and then you get a full sized pen. This dark red wine colour is pleasingly called Bordeaux (it comes in other colours too).

It’s made from durable injection moulded plastic and finished with a brass logo, tip and button. Features a 23k gold plated, stainless steel, engraved Kaweco nib. Comes with a blue ink cartridge in the barrel, so pop that in and crack on with creating your masterpiece with the smooth-flowing ink.



kaweco fountain pen review

Coming at a time in history when we probably write less by hand than we have ever done before, I think that when you’re going to write, whether it’s novel or shopping list, you owe it to yourself to use a decent pen. I don’t think fountain pens are especially fashionable nowadays, but they really should be. Let’s start a trend, in ink. What do you think?


Product details:

Kaweco Classic Sport Bordeaux Fountain Pen RRP £17.99 from Pen Heaven. Standard delivery to the UK is free. Giftwrapping is £2.75


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