I’m doing #Juneathon – pray for me!

I have a well-established habit of leaping into things without really thinking of the outcome, so before the quicksand gets me, here is my latest wheeze.

Late last night I heard about an activity challenge for June called Juneathon.

Juneathon is primarily a running challenge, and the normal rules are that you

a) Run or take some other form of exercise every day

b) Blog every day

It sounds like the sort of thing that attracts sprightly young creatures with shiny hair and time on their side. Probably not for the over the hill likes of me.

But what is the point of the world if you can’t shake shit up, so Juneathon, here I come.

Since running and I don’t get along too well, that’s out. I prefer gym classes, especially Bodies Combat and Pump.

On days I’m not going to the gym then I will do 200 stomach exercises (crunches plus whatever else I can think of) plus at least a minute’s plank, and two side planks of at least 30 seconds each. I’ve also bumped up my Fitbit daily goal from 10,000 to 12,000 steps, so I’ll be walking for 5 miles a day.

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to do this, or even particularly fit at all. The point is to make a public commitment to move more. So if you currently don’t do any exercise, you could commit to doing 10 daily sit ups. Or 5. Or 1. Anything that’s more than your usual activity level counts.

And you can join in at any time, so if you are reading this after 1st June and think it sounds interesting, here’s where you go to sign up.

Today I went to BodyCombat and here I am after the classjuneathon day 1

You can tell I didn’t think this through because I’m wearing the gym clothes I resort to when everything else is in the wash. Them legs need a good dunk in the fake tan too.

So far I am up to about 15,000 steps on the Fitbit, so all in all day 1 has been a piece of pish (as long as you don’t count the horribly hard leaping lunges we did in BodyCombat).

Only 29 more days to go, who’s with me?