Blogging predictions for 2013


If you look closely you’ll see that something has changed about this blog. So what other changes could be in store for the Bloggiverse in 2013?blogging mug


Here are some blogging predictions


  • Actual blogging police force to form
    Sometimes bloggers will criticise other bloggers, but preface this with Hey, I don’t mean to sound like the blogging police but… before going on to say something inferring that how they run their blog is right, and how you all run your blog is wrong.Naturally this is very confusing for all involved.

    Luckily such confusion will cease with the formation of the Actual Blogging Police Force. The Force’s mission will be to point out where other bloggers are doing it wrong. There will be special hats and (blog) badges. They will swoop in like the Spanish Inquisition. If you get a comment on a post saying Can you feel The Force? then you’ve been fingered as a wrong ‘un and must retire from blogging at once.

    I can foresee no problems with this system at all.


  • At least one blogging network to close
    2012 saw a big surge in the number of networks claiming to connect bloggers with brands.  Since there’s only so much of that gravy to go around, at least one of these networks will probably lie down under a bush and expire this year. Either that or they’ll get bought out by a bigger blogging network, who will then be cursing as they realise they’ve bought a list of bloggers they’re already connected to.


  • More blogs without comments
    Blog comments have really collapsed over the last year – partly because it’s easier to respond via Twitter or Facebook and partly because it’s harder to respond when you’re reading a blog via a phone. A few bloggers have already announced their intention not to allow comments, so more are sure to follow. The good part about this is that if you’re not getting any comments you can now claim to be highly fashionable and ahead of the curve. Win win.


  • Old skool blogging to return
    Remember Old Skool Blogging – when you wrote just cos you had something to say, and it was fun to do? And you didn’t bother with commercial stuff and it didn’t bother you and everybody was happy with that? That’s coming back. In a big way.


  • G+ continues to mystify
    It’s like the Derren Brown of social media in that respect.
  • That monkey in a coat who went to Ikea to start a fashion blogmonkey in coat

    I realise that this is unlikely, but it’s still on my personal wish list.

What are your blogging predictions for 2013?

picture: Go away I’m blogging mug from The Literary Gift Company


  1. I think you’ll find the monkey’s adoptive mum will also start a blog, of the parenting variety, it was wearing a nappy after all x it will also be on a celebrity dressage show and make a guest appearance on Hole in the Wall which will come back in a big way, perhaps with Joe Swash at the helm.

  2. Thank yo Mari, Michelle & Jane – looks like the Old Skool revival is well under way.

    @Jane – I write posts directly into WordPress or Typepad. Most of the time I take pics on my phone and email them to my gmail account. If you download a pic from gmail on to the Chromebook then it saves it in the cloud (no idea how that works. I then often resize the pic and rename it with keywords using Picmonkey, then save the new version and upload that one.

    re:comments – I have real trouble leaving comments on Blogger, so now I often don’t bother and might send a tweet or even G+ message instead which is much easier to do.

  3. Ha! Great post. Old skool blogger here for sure…and interesting re comments – I’d noticed mine were way down but hadn’t ever stopped to analyse why (I figured I was getting exceedingly boring and was just getting a few kind pity comments!) 😀

    Actually, I trolled over to ask you a question re the Chromebook. What do you use for doing blogs on it? Ie what do you use for word processing (I like to write posts out before cutting and pasting to Blogger) and to keep pictures handy. I’m feeling a bit pathetic here. 🙂

  4. Ooh. Now bucking my own trend (because I very rarely comment) I quite fancy taking comments off mine. Because I always feel obliged to reply and then I don’t and I get blog guilt. And frankly I have enough maternal guilt and daughterly guilt and general world guilt to be going on with. Will the blogging police have to authorise my comment removal, though?

  5. Thank you Sian and Rachael! I guess only you can decide whether taking off comments is for you – maybe try it for a few weeks and see how you feel. Yes the Blogging Police will probably suck their teeth about it but then they always do.

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