Sign in here if you’ve done bugger all for Christmas


It’s eight weeks until Christmas, fifty days or therabouts, and I have done feck all. Nor do I plan to, for quite a few weeks jumpers

I know where I will be on Christmas Day (in my house) but that’s about as far as it’s got.

This week I had an email from a journalist looking for someone who’s disorganised at Christmas and hoping I would fit the bill. I refused on the grounds that I don’t think I’m disorganised, I’m just not convinced that early is best when it comes to Christmas.

Nobody else seems to agree though. The internets are full of smuggers who’ve got every last Christmas present bought and wrapped, and probably know what they’re having for tea on Boxing Day 2013.

I did used to be a Christmas early adopter. For a few years I aimed to be done and dusted by 1st December, with the aim of spending the twelfth month wafting on a cloud of mulled wine and mince pies.

What a bag of shite that turned out to be.

Stuff I had bought early was reduced in December sales, so it felt like I was being penalised for buying early. The children changed their minds about what they were interested in between me buying it and Christmas rolling around. I would forget what I’d bought people and end up buying more to compensate. There was ALWAYS something to do at the last minute, and I ALWAYS found myself dashing round the shops on Christmas Eve.

It didn’t feel smooth and organised it all – the stress just got spread out over a longer amount of time and got bigger as a result.

So this is how it’s going to be:

  • Don’t panic
  • Sign up for Amazon Family. This will get me 3 months’ worth of free Amazon Prime membership, ie next day delivery. As long as I cancel the Amazon Family membership before the 3 months is up, it won’t cost me anything. Yes this is a bit calculating, but I figure Amazon will have had their money’s worth out of me by then.
  • Sit down with a big glass of red wine and do all my shopping online, relying heavily on Amazon Prime next day delivery.
  • Er…that’s it.
  • Apart from the fact that I still fully expect to be shopping on 24th December. But that’s OK, it’s just how it goes.

I think of this system not so much disorganisation as strategic organisation; playing Christmas chicken; ninja shopping. It’s more fun that way. Ho bloody ho.

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  1. oh my word – I just re-signed up for Amazon Prime (as they keep offering it to me) and did the Family deal, sorted now! Brilliant – thankyou – I had no idea about it – mind, I hope they convert my account properly 🙂

  2. @Dilly – I keep coming across people who claim they’ve got all their pressies bought already, like it’s some appalling commitment to be ticked off as soon as possible. All seems a bit joyless to me. I like the sound of your crocheted snowflakes though.

    @jo – The main thing to do is remember to unsubscribe well before the 3 month trial period runs out, otherwise they will charge you about £49. But if you do it now then unsubscribe straight after Christmas then you should be OK.

  3. What exactly are we supposed to be doing? All this pressure & build up for a couple of days. I think people really lose perspective. I’ve done nothing. Well, I’ve crocheted some snowflakes but that’s just for fun!

  4. lol I also noticed that I buy a LOT more extra if I prepare for Christmas way too early! Things are so much cheaper in the last few days before Christmas and you bound to find something better than what you originally bought!

  5. See, it’s not just me Angela! I think the trick is not to panic and trust yourself that it’ll all be fine, which it generally will be.

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