Spring walks with adidas

adidas gazelle bold


This is part 2 of my adidas haul (part 1 here), in which we take a lovely walk in the spring sunshine.

I never really pay much attention to what’s in fashion.

The simple questions Do I like it? and Do I feel good in it? have always steered me right so far. Even so, it did reach my unfashionable ears that darker (especially burgundy) trainers are more IN this year, just as my eyes lit on these beauties in the womens’ trainers department:

Come on, you just would, wouldn’t you?

I still have my ‘proper’ walking boots I got last year and they’re holding up really well, but these are more for city walks or when you’re just in a trainery mood.

These are adidas Gazelle Bold shoes in Shadow Red & Bold Gold. The difference between these and the classic adidas Gazelle is the raised, almost platform sole. Very good for shortarses like meself who want a teeny bit of height and stability.

They come in many different colourways and sizes 3 to 9.5, but this red and gold combination is only available to order by adiClub members. So it’s a bit of a carrot to get you to join up. That said, I do think it’s worth joining adiClub because it’s free and gets you free postage, free personalisation on some items, great discounts and access to a bunch of members-only products and discounts.

They are incredibly comfy to wear and the thicker sole isn’t at all heavy. I was wearing them all day yesterday walking around London on a hot day and they were honestly great.

Spring walks rebooted

I’ve paired the shoes with a little Premium Essentials Festival Bag.

Not that there are any festivals on my calendar this year, but I have a bunch of music gigs coming up, and this is perfect for that. It’s one of those tiny bags that holds way more than you’d expect.

Being black it naturally goes with everything, particularly standing next to your goth mate.

And here is the whole lot together, on one of those days when the sun was out, but you still needed a big coat. Those are my favourite sort of days.

Big coat is from Levis, BTW. I don’t think it’s meant to be quite that big, but as I mentioned I am not the tallest.

For these adidas collaborations, I was sent some vouchers and given completely free reign as to what to buy and post about. I hope this gives you some idea of what’s out there, how it looks in the real world on a real person and what to wear when standing next to your goth mate.

Have you been on any interesting spring walks lately? Let me know!