Spring fitness – adidas returns

adidas sports bra pink

Hello friends! How are you getting on with your fitness adventures now that the New Year gym rush has ended?

I am still busy in the weights area, representing all the other 50-somethings on a mission to increase our bone density.

And I have a new toy to play with – check out these ankle cuffs:

No, I have not been arrested. I got them for Christmas. As Himself put it: “I don’t know what these are, but they were on your Amazon list.” Fair dos.

Actually, what they are is padded ankle cuffs that attach to the cable pulley machine in the gym. So then you can do leg exercises with added weights. This tones the leg and builds up the glutes – all very helpful for dealing with the dreaded flat bum syndrome that can happen as a result of sitting down all day in Zoom meetings.

Fitness help with added adidas

I am really pleased to say that adidas have asked me to continue to be a part of their blogger community in 2023. This means I get to play with lots of lovely adidas kit and put it to the test. How it works is that adidas sent me some vouchers, I topped it up a bit too and chose some fresh fitness gear.

Here I am celebrating by collapsing on the mat in my Modern B-Ball T-Shirt with the vintage adidas logo.

adidas vintage t shirt

I love this t shirt, it’s really comfy and goes with everything.

I was completely influenced by this next kit, because a woman walked past me in the gym recently wearing Stella McCartney fitness gear and looking immensely fabulous. Armed with my adidas vouchers, I defo wanted a piece of that.

Oh the glamour of the gym changing rooms.

When is a black t shirt not just any black t shirt? When it’s Stella McCartney adidas.

Note also that I’m still wearing the adidas weightlifting gloves I got last summer. They’re holding up really well. Stops my hands getting wrecked by deadlifts. A good investment if you like to lift weights.

It’s the detailing on the SMcC leggings I really like. These are TruePurpose Training 7/8 Leggings, though as I am fairly short they’re pretty much full length on me. They’re fairly high rise so you feel snug and secure even when moving about a lot and doing squats. The air holes on the lower calf let the skin breathe and the visible seams sculpt the body. I love these.

Over shoulder boulder holder

It was also time to invest in a new sports bra. I found the sizing confusing, so I needed help from the online sizing tools to order this. I was looking for a 34 band size and guessed that as a Medium, which turned out to be correct. Some of the adidas sports bras also come in regular bra sizes, and it’s worth looking at the plus size range whether or not you think of yourself as plus size, as they go all the way from 30A to 48E.

I chose this TLRD Impact Training High-Support Bra primarily because of the zingy pink colour. I’m too shy to pose in it, but this is what it looks like on the website:

As you can see it comes up high at the front, so it keeps you well strapped down even when running, which let’s face it, is what we all need when it comes to a sports bra.

The material is really lovely and soft. It’s easily the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worn. Since sports bras need to be tight, they can often feel like you’re being attacked by an over-friendly octopus, but this is just really nice to wear. If you were less shy than me then you could probably just wear it as a workout top by itself.

I do have a few other things from this order to show you, but they’re outdoor wear so I’ll wait until the weather picks up and show you next time.

But if you have any questions about this adidas haul or just fitness/sportswear in general, let me know!

What are you doing to keep fitter this spring?