Festivaling with adidas by Stella McCartney Ultraboost


In my previous collaborations with adidas I’ve scooped up as many different items as I can squeeze out of the budget. But for this latest run, I splunked it all on one item – a very fine pair of Stella McCartney Ultraboost trainers.

Look, aren’t they delicious?

They are fantastically comfortable too, like walking weightless on air if your air was also resting on a pillow.

stella mc cartney ultraboost 20

Ultraboost as a style has been around for a few years now, and this is the 2020 version. I think they’re primarily designed for running, but I was looking for something that work work well for times when you have to be on your feel a lot, but you don’t necessarily want to wear walking boots.

If you have a look in the womens’ trainer section you’ll see all the different colour options. I particularly like how these black and whites have a tiny flash of green in the sole and at the end of the laces. Naturally, being of Stella, they’re vegan and partly made from recycled materials. They’re just pretty special aren’t they?

And since you’ve seen plenty of pictures of me testing out my adidas gear in the gym, I thought it would be more fun to take these babies to a festival.

Ultraboost adventures

I spent August Bank Holiday at the Lost Village festival in Lincolnshire. My husband was working in the spoken word tent and I was just hanging around eating burritos.

Turns out that Lost Village is about 98% people aged 18 to 25. Somebody’s got to make up the other 2% so there we were. I tell you what, this is an EXCELLENT festival if like me you have a penchant for Things in Trees.

I did a lot of dancing in those woods. Also perching on abandoned aeroplanes. And posing in bits of cars. It was that kind of weekend.

And it turns out that people REALLY dress up at festivals. It’s like they’re dressing up for all the parties they missed over the last few years, all at once. Lucky I had my new trainers with me. And (boring, domestic but ultimately important factor) turns out that if your Ultraboosts get a bit mucky, you can clean the soles pretty easily with a wet wipe so they still look pristine when the party’s over.

What do you think of these adidas Ultraboosts? Any questions? Let me know

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