Podcast news | 5 Minutes to Change Your Life recommended by Woman magazine

5 minutes to change your life podcast

Top news, friends. Woman magazine has named my podcast 5 Minutes to Change Your Life as one of its “riveting podcasts to enjoy during me-time”.

The magazine called it “a brilliant way to make changes one step at a time”. Aw, shucks.

5 minutes to change your life podcast in Woman magazine

It’s particularly exciting to be recommended alongside a proper BBC podcast from Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn. I’m guessing that their show as probably recorded in a proper studio and not on a phone in the back bedroom as mine is.

This recommendation happened just as we reached the monumental 1000 downloads. Since then the number of listeners in the past week has more than doubled, so clearly the word is getting out one way or another. Must be an algorithm thing.

Most popular episode at the moment is this one on How to worry less now:

It’s actually a follow up to the cunningly titled How to worry less:

And I’m very surprised that this episode is one of the most popular, considering the title is kind of cryptic:

Coming up very soon I’m planning a couple of work-based episodes. The first will be about how to create a winning CV, then we’ll have one on How to ace at job interviews.

If you’ve enjoyed any of these podcast episodes, any support is much appreciated. You could click to rate it on Apple or Spotify and in under 1 second you’d have earned my undying gratitude.

5 minutes to change your life podcast

Read about how the podcast started here. And of course do get in touch if there’s a topic you’d like to hear talked about, or a question you’d like answered on a future episode.

In other news, I have taken up the highly dangerous sport of hula hooping. More about that anon.