October empties | Sunday Riley, Nivea and ..er..not much more, for a change

October empties

Looking back over October, my diary was really packed, mostly with good stuff. I had a superb week of gigs (Patti Smith! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis! Rick Astley sings The Smiths!) and some really interesting work projects (I can do Zoom workshops with slides now so yeah, go me).

Undercutting that there was quite a lot of stress circling around. Basically, if you know me then you were probably ill. I was fine myself, but there’s no fun in being the last one standing when everyone around you is suffering.

So, plenty to trudge through but quite a lot to dance through at the same time. And very little in the empties bag to show for it. Therefore this rummage will be a quicker one than in previous months.

October empties Sunday Riley Nivea

Each month this year I’ve been gathering my beauty empties in a washbag. At the end of the month I have a shufty and crown one of them Product of the Month.

As before, in the October empties list below, anything marked with a * is a press sample sent to me for review. If there’s a longer review available then I’ll link to it. The rest of it was bought by me. Links to products may be affiliate, but this post is not affiliate-driven. Last month’s empties are here.

So what’s in the bag of October empties? (no tricks, only treats)

  • Nivea Double Effect Eye Make up Remover – Easily the third or fourth bottle of this I’ve got through this year. I should just buy the student daughter her own so she doesn’t need to pinch mine really, shouldn’t I?
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes – I was quite liking this, then it ran out very abruptly. The packaging is opaque, so you can’t see how much is left until it’s all gone. An annoying design quirk but otherwise a good exfoliating serum.
  • C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve – It’s over two years since I reviewed this product. What is it with some lip balms that makes them last forever? I still love the branding of this product, although performance-wise it’s basically a fancy Vaseline.
  • At1 Hydrate and Nourish Day Cream*
  • At1 Restorative Eye Serum* – Very nice new Vegan range. Full review here. TL;DR I liked these a lot.

Product of the month – whatever Patti Smith’s on

Late year plot twist – There is no actual product of the month. I just wanted to show you this picture of Patti Smith owning the stage at the Royal Albert Hall 74.

Now, lean in close to the screen, take a deep breath in and soak up some of that Patti Smith energy. Then go forth and own whatever stage you are on today.

What was the highlight of your October? Were you dancing? I’m asking. Meet you in the comments box below