Autumn scents from ARRAN Sense of Scotland (and a Diptyque Figuier dupe)

Diptyque Figuier Dupe ARRAN Sense of Scotland Ultimate Fig candle

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Today I want to show you a few home scent products from ARRAN Sense of Scotland which are particularly giftable. The dreaded C-word is coming up before too long and whilst you may not have started shopping for it (I certainly haven’t), it’s probably on your radar at least.

What we’ve got here are some home fragrance products that look great, smell wonderful and come ready to wrap in sturdy gift tins. Or, you know, they could be a gift to yourself. On account of how good you’ve been all year. Come on, you know you have. Apart from that one time in March and I don’t think the dog remembers.

You’ll probably know the ARRAN Scent of Scotland brand because they’ve been around since 1989. All of the products are inspired by and made on Arran off the west coast of Scotland, and running throughout is a sense of nature at its freshest.

Ultimate Fig or Figuier?

The real find in this bunch, I feel, is the Ultimate Fig Scented Candle, a cracking dupe for Diptyque Figuier, but much larger (and more affordable).

Look, I put it next to a Tardis so you can enjoy its massiveness.

ARRAN Scent of Scotland Ultimate Fig scented candle

Diptyque Figuier has perhaps a more complex scent than ARRAN’s Ultimate Fig, but they both have terrific throw and will scent a large room really well.

ARRAN describe this as “a balanced blend of sweet cassis, fig and green leaf, underpinned by a warm basenote of woody cedar”. It really is a lovely one to take you through the autumn and winter. 

As you can see the glass in the container is slightly dimpled, so it’ll make a beautiful container when it’s finished.

ARRAN Scent of Scotland Ultimate Fig Scented Candle Diptyque Figuier dupe

Gorse tales

I also enjoyed testing out ARRAN’s Wild Gorse Reed Diffuser.

Over the summer I got the chance to visit Abbey Road Studios and whilst soaking up all the delicious musical history, I notcied that it smelled really good, thanks to reed diffusers dotted all around the place.

So now I am mad for diffusers for that authentic Abbey Road ambience. I’ve tucked this one next to the record player.

ARRAN Scent of Scotland Wild Gorse Reed Diffuser

The Wild Gorse scent is probably the most authentically Scottish fragrance of these products. It’s a refreshing blend of muskiness and floral notes.

You can see the other reed diffusers in the range here. All of these scents are repeated across the range, so if you wanted a fig diffuser or or a Wild Gorse candle or whatever, they have those available too.

After the rain – what next?

It does rain a lot in Scotland so you might as well lean in to it, as ARRAN Sense of Scotland have done with this floral, musk and citrus scent. I enjoyed spritzing After the Rain Room Spray to freshen things up during the recent hot spell.

ARRAN Scent of Scotland After the Rain Room Spray

It’s probably clear that my top pick out of these would be the candle, but then I never met a figgy candle I didn’t love. The other two are great for when you want home scent without lighting something (I know many places don’t allow candles). And of course, the tins are easy to wrap and post. Stick it on your list for December.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland product details

Ultimate Fig Scented Candle, 35cl RRP £33, available online here.

Wild Gorse Reed Diffuser, 200ml RRP £33, available online here.

After the Rain Room Spray, 100ml, RRP £20, available online here.

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Have you tried any products from ARRAN Sense of Scotland? Got any questions about what Abbey Road smells like? Leave a comment and let me know