August empties | Dr Dennis Gross, Chantecaille, Nakin and more

Wait, what, how did it get to be September already? I demand a recount.

August saw more zipping around the country than I’ve done in literally years, plus did I mention I had a new book out? Well, I do.

Check it out in the October issue of Psychologies, which by some kind of calendar-based witchery, is already in the shops.

Find Your Why book in Psychologies magazine

But before you do, let’s fool around with my bag of August empties.

If you haven’t rootled in the empties with me before, the deal is that every month this year I’m gathering my beauty empties in a washbag. Then I spill them out and analyse the evidence, to see which one deserves the title of Product of the Month.

August empties on Opposable Thumbs blog

As before, in the August empties list below, anything marked with a * is a press sample sent to me for review. If there’s a longer review available then I’ll link to it. The rest of it was bought by me. Links to products may be affiliate, but this post is not affiliate-driven. Last month’s empties are here.

So what’s in the bag of August empties?

August empties line up Dr Dennis Gross, Chantecaille, Foreo and more
  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel – I liked this a lot as a product, but it does seem like an awful lot of packaging compared to other exfoliators.
  • Nakin Lip Treatment Balm* – I first reviewed this in 2019 and it’s lasted all the way until now. What a time it’s been, eh?
  • Foreo Glow Addict mask* – A nice juicy one to use at night if you want to feel plumped up in the morning. For use with the UFO 2 masking device.
  • Kaeso Beauty Micro Current Gel – I got this to use with my Foreo Bear micro current device, but it hasn’t been a great success. Just a bit too much fragrance that made my eyes water. I’m still using the Bear, but going back to pure aloe vera gel to use with it instead.
  • Timeless Truth Anti-Ageing Collagen Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask – Now, this took me back a bit to when I was mad for Korean skincare and first discovered masks like this. Looks daft, feels good, don’t wear it down the pub.
  • Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara – These always turn up in beauty sample boxes, don’t they? And every time I am both shocked and impressed by the price of it. £40 for a mascara seems a bit like sprinkling diamonds on your cornflakes. Unconvinced.

It’s all a bit functional isn’t it? I can’t get excited about this bunch. Though they are (mostly) good products I’d recommend, nothing’s standing out as product of the month.

Well, then, there’s only one thing for it.

Product of the month – my own book

Here she is: Find Your Why – How to Discover Your True Purpose and Life Life to the Full. My second book published this year and perfect for anyone seeking a bit more meaning from life.

find your why book

NB – does not contain any skincare reviews or blether about exercise. You’ll have to come back here for that.

PS – Can I get a special mention for my multicoloured manicure, which put a smile on my face for much of August?

multicoloured manicure in the gym

What was the highlight of your August? And how much would you pay for a mascara? Leave a comment, I really want to know