Book news & new cover reveal

Just a little bit of book news for you this week. My new book Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day is featured in the Spring issue of Psychologies magazine (the one with Davina McCall on the cover).

I’ve been a big fan of Psychologies for many years so I’m thrilled to be in there.

book news - Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a day in Psychologies magazine

Also this month, I’ve got a feature in the April issue of Spirit & Destiny magazine. This is an expanded version of one of the tips from Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day. It’s a breathing technique that will help improve confidence.

book news - 5 minutes to think yourself confident in Spirit & Destiny magazine

And some extra exciting book news is that I’ve started work on the follow up to Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day. Can’t say too much about it at the moment but as soon as I have more definite news I will let you know.

One lovely thing that I can show you is the cover for my next book, which is due out in August. Here she is:

Again with the gold on the cover! Find Your Why is all about finding your purpose in life. This is the blurb:

Have you ever found yourself wishing that there was more to life?
Would you like to feel happy and fulfilled every day?
Do you want to take control of your future?
When we have a purpose, we truly come alive. A life purpose is empowering; it’s both an anchor and a guiding light. Whether you find yours through a career, helping others or a creative pursuit, a purpose imbues our days with meaning, direction and happiness – which is why knowing yours has the power to transform your life.
This book will help you to uncover your own unique purpose, or your “why”. From reflecting on your past to visualizing your future, the tips and advice in these pages will guide you towards your true calling and a deeper sense of contentment. So, dive in and begin your journey of self-discovery.

What do you reckon to that? Like Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day, it’s a short book filled with practical tips and ideas that are easy to do. I loved working on this and drawing on my 20 years’ experience as a career coach. Hopefully it’ll help lots of people connect with who they are and what they were born to do.

How to find the books

Find Your Why is published by Summersdale (RRP £10.99). On sale from 12th August 2021 from wherever you buy books. Available now to pre-order from Amazon or I’m sure your local book shop could get it in.

Change Your Life in 5 Minutes a Day is currently reduced to £6.95 on Amazon or even better, ask for it at your local book shop. Hey, the book shops are reopening! Hallelujah!

Did you like my book news? What are you planning to buy when the bookshops reopen? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you