Scented candles by Sanctuary Spa

sanctuary spa scented candles

Sanctuary Spa is a brand I’m sure you’ll know for their bodycare products, especially their in-shower body moisturiser which has attracted a massive following since we first met it in 2018.

The brand’s now branching out into home fragrance, and since I am somewhat obsessed by scented candles I’ve been testing out three of the range. More and more I feel like scent and home fragrance products are coming into their own right now. Scent has this magical ability to take you somewhere else, and don’t we all need that at the moment?

Fragrance-wise, here we have
  • Signature (in the orange tin) – this is the fragrance you’ll know if you’ve used Sanctuary Spa’s bodycare range. It combines citrus with bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.
  • Pink Grapefruit and Neroli – in the pink tin. Its a fresh, zesty, citrus mix of grapefruit and sweet orange blossom blended with florals and a little spice.
  • Fig & Black Amber – in the purple tin. A lovely decadent mix of wild green fig, jasmine and ginger, plus black amber, patchouli and cedar.
Sanctuary Spa home fragrance scented candles

As far as strength of scent goes, these are subtle rather than punchy. They’ll scent a medium sized room but not the whole house, which I think is fine because sometimes you want a lighter background aroma.

The fullest scent of these three came from the Pink Grapefruit and Neroli, which gives a lovely citrus fragrance even when unlit.

Sanctuary Spa scented candles

One issue I found with these candles was that the wicks were not quite centred, so there was some tunneling as they started to burn. However, given that the containers are metal, they will heat up more than glass candle holders, so I would expect the tunneling to sort itself out naturally as the candle burns down. And if it doesn’t, I have an easy candle tunneling fix for you here.

Given that they retail for £12.50 or less and they look so pretty, they’re a terrific bargain find, especially for gifts. With Mother’s Day coming up soon I could see these going down well if you have a Candle Mammy.

I am the Candle Mammy in my house and if I didn’t already have these I would be sending a link to the offspring and saying mammy needs candles, feed me now.

Sanctuary Spa fig & black amber

Product details

Sanctuary Spa scented candles are widely available in stores and online, RRP £12.50. If you’re quick, they’re at 25% off on the Sanctuary Spa website, though they’re selling out fast.

Look Fantastic have the Pink Grapefruit candle reduced to £10

Boots have much more of the range in stock, and are currently running a 3 for 2 offer.

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Have you sniffed out any nice scented candles recently? What do you think of these from Sanctuary Spa? Leave a comment and let me know