Keep calm and show me your #LockdownLipstick


I am having terrible trouble concentrating on anything at the moment. Even this blog post was on hiatus for several hours while I had to go and freak out about the everythingness of everything.

Anyway, let’s talk lipstick. I’m not usually a big one for wearing red lipstick. However, now that I am unwillingly confined to the house most of the time, I have taken to wearing my brightest lipstick, the sort I wouldn’t be confident enough to take to the streets with. Then I share it on Instagram. And you know what, it’s been a lot of fun.

#LockdownLippy starts here

#LockdownLipstick #LockdownLippy

Now that so many of us are working from home, I see a lot of chat about what extent you might bother to get dressed or shower or put on make up. Personally, I always do those things regardless of whether I’m planning to leave the house or not. It doesn’t matter to me whether anybody else can see me or not. It’s not for anybody else. It’s for me – for the craft and the play of drawing on your face.

And now, I think it’s about taking back a little bit of control of your own life before you set forth into a day where you may often feel as if you are drowning.

Show me your #LockdownLipstick, I promise to stare

Meanwhile back on Insta, I was thrilled to be joined by my beautiful daughter on Mother’s Day.

She’s got a green lipstick that goes on pink! Alchemy!

And another day I had this totally lovely message from Smashbox.

So come on, are you up for it? Will you dig out your brightest lipstick and wear it with pride?

I’m using the hashtags #LockdownLipstick and #LockdownLippy. Tag me @joannemallon on Instagram if you want me to see you in all your glory. You can see all the previous pictures in my highlights.

Note that I’m not saying go out and buy a new lipstick. I think you would have a job getting that one to count as an essential shopping trip. Just dig around in your make up bag and find something fun that you normally wear to parties. These days, the only parties are the ones you make yourself.

Many people like to keep special things for best, but lately I have been thinking that we might be better off keeing things for worst. So wear the bright lipstick, burn that expensive candle, squirt the posh perfume and put on your sparkliest shoes. If you were saving them for something special then consider this – you are the something special and you deserve to be saved.

What’s your favourite #LockdownLipstick? Let me know on Instagram or in the comments box below