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Royal Pavilion ice rink Brighton

My someplace new to visit in January isn’t exactly 100% new, in that I have been there before, but not for a few years.

The last time I went to the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink in Brighton, a small child barrelled in to me and knocked me off my feet, resulting in a frightening whack on the wrist. I didn’t break it, but it felt like a close thing, hence I wasn’t in a big hurry to return.

In peak season/school holidays the ice rink gets incredibly busy and I have it on good authority that the local hospital girds itself for an influx of ice-related injuries. Peak season equals lots of shuffling round in a crowd and people in search of a good time falling on their arses. Though I guess all of that could count as vital preparation for life in general, so it’s not to be discounted.

But look, what do you notice about these pictures?

Royal Pavilion Ice rink Brighton

That’s right, there’s hardly anybody there. Turns out that visiting the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink in off peak, end of season is a whole other experience. There were less than 30 people on the ice when we were there, and no dreadful falls ensued.

So now I’m mad for the skating once again, but only on off peak. You get to glide around next to the lovely Pavilion to a soundtrack of terrible Eighties choons. It really is very special.

Thanks to the Senior Teen for taking the pics, though since she has recently turned 20 I will have to find a new nickname.

More details

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is located at the back of Brighton Pavilion. It’s now closed for the season, but usually opens from the start of November until the middle of the following January. Tickets need to be booked in advance for each hour long session, though if you’re visiting off peak then you can usually get a ticket for the next session on the door. Tickets range from £7 to £14.

For more information, check out the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink website here.

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