Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops review

fresh sugar lip wonder drops review

I don’t go to department store beauty counters very often. I find them too intimidating. When I do it’s because I know exactly what I’m after, so I’ll head straight for it like an arrow and then out again.

On my recent trip to London I was hunting down a product I’d heard raved about by respected make up artist Lisa Eldridge on her YouTube channelFresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops.

In a world where nothing much is totally new, this is that rare unicorn – a unique product.

What is it? Well, it’s a lip exfoliator. What’s so new about that you might think? Most lip exfoliators tend to be quite scrubby and grainy. This is completely different as it’s a smooth, clear liquid that exfoliates via fruit acids.

Containing AHAs (a blend of sugar, natural fruit extract and hibiscus flower extract), it aims to gently refine the surface of the lips. It also contains hyaluronic acid for moisturisation, so it won’t dry your lips out and will instead actively work to keep them soft.

If you suffer from dry, chapped or flaky lips then this will sort you out. Simply apply a tiny drop, rub it on the lips and wait for it to absorb. Then you can put your regular lipstick on top. It’s a little bit spendy at £21.50 for 5ml, but you only use the tiniest amount at a time, so I would expect it to last a while.

Been using it for a couple of weeks now and am really pleased with it so far. It’s easy to use and makes a noticeable difference. It works from the first application and improves the lip texture over time. I really like this. I think it’s a good addition to your skincare stash.

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I bought my Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops from John Lewis (RRP £21.50 for 5ml). It’s also available at the Fresh website, Harrods and Sephora.

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Have you ever tried Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops? What do you think of it? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you