Review: Coconut Oil Range by Palmer’s

Palmer's Coconut Oil range

Palmer's Coconut Oil range


Like a lot of people, my first encounter with the Palmer’s brand was when I was pregnant and bought its classic cocoa butter to rub into my stretch marks.

Bear in mind that the culprit of those stretch marks is a child who’s about to turn 18, so you can see that me and Palmer’s go way back. In fact, the company dates all the way back to the mid-nineteenth century so there’s a lot of skincare heritage there.

Their range used to be pretty limited, but it’s expanded considerably since then. Every summer I go through a bottle of their gradual tanning body lotion, which smells EXACTLY like chocolate biscuits.

So today we’re looking at the Palmer’s award-winning Coconut Oil range. I’ve been trying out four products from the range:

  • Coconut Oil Hand Cream (RRP £2.49)
  • Coconut Oil Body Lotion (RRP £4.19)
  • Coconut Oil Body Oil (RRP £7.35)
  • Coconut Oil Body Cream With Vitamin E (RRP £5.25)

These are pretty heavy duty moisturisers, worth stocking up on for the winter. You know when your skin feels all dry and itchy because you’ve been indoors with the central heating on? That’s what these are perfect for.

The Body Cream (shown in the tub above) is the heaviest, with a thick, Greek yogurt-like texture. You have to go quite sparingly with this, otherwise it won’t sink in and your children will start asking why you’ve got dried yogurt on your chest (THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED).

The Body Oil is lighter, really smooth and enjoyable to use. It does need a few minutes to sink in though. The Body Lotion is a better choice if you want something to sink in instantly after your morning shower.

All of the products have a slight almondy scent to go with the coconut, since almond oil is one of the other ingredients. The effect is rather like a Bounty Bar covered in marzipan and HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE?

I realised that I’ve always thought of Palmer’s as a summery brand, since its products tend to smell like a tropical holiday. But in terms of skincare, despite the sunshine scent, this takes the brand into winter. And you know what they say about that on Game of Thrones…


Product information

Palmer’s Coconut Oil products are widely available from Boots, Superdrug and other outlets. Find out more from the Palmer’s website here.

All products are free from parabens and mineral oil and are formulated with ehically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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