Tried and tested: Two luxury shampoos

Do you think it makes a difference whether you use expensive or cheap shampoo? This question has been on my mind for a while, ever since I saw the difference it made to my hair to use the Dermalogica haircare range. And I’ve been pondering it some more whilst trying out the two luxury shampoos you see here, which were sent to me by the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

I rather suspect that like most things in life – it depends. It depends on both the type of hair you have and the type of shampoo you use. Many people I know swear by whatever they can pick up in Poundland. And to be honest my haircare choices are normally governed by whatever is on special offer in Superdrug or Boots.

But as the amount of grey in my hair increases, I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s not enough any more. I don’t have masses of grey – maybe about 10% – but boy does it make its presence felt. There it is, sticking up all over my head like wild pubes on an away day. I disguise it with an occasional half head of highlights, but that doesn’t change the dry and wiry texture of the greys.

What I need is something more moisturising without descending into greasiness, and I’d love to hear any recommendations for haircare you’ve used that can do this.

Out of these two luxury shampoos, the one on the right, Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo (250ml, RRP £19) from Stockholm-based Sachajuan, was very much the winner for me. This is one to go for if your hair needs both body and smoothness. It leaves it feeling thicker and really silky from the very first use. Apparently this is because of the brand’s signature ‘Ocean Silk’ technology – a cocktail of marine algae extracts designed to enhance strength, suppleness and shine. If your hair has a tendency to look a bit fine and limp, this is the one for you. It smells lovely and oceany-y too.

The shampoo on the left is Balmain Paris Hair Couture Revitalizing Shampoo (300ml, RRP £23). With a name like that, it won’t surprise you to know that it smells pretty heavenly too. This is more of a nourishing than a thickening shampoo, and is designed for damaged and dry hair. It’s infused with Vitamins E, F and P and aims to cleanse gently whilst leaving the hair more manageable. For me, the Sachajuan edges it because it does this whilst also leaving hair feeling fuller and silky enough to stroke.

What are your thoughts on luxury shampoos versus bargainous ones? Do you think it makes a visible difference to your hair? Leave a comment, I’d love to know what you think

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