Check out this Urban Decay eye primer dupe – Etude House Proof 10


What is is with Urban Decay that makes their products so prone to Korean beauty dupes? We’ve already seen a £3 Korean dupe of Urban Decay eyeliners. And today we have a great, affordable Urban Decay eye primer dupe – Proof 10 Eye Primer by Etude House.

Why use an eyeshadow primer?

If you’ve never used an eyeshadow primer before, you might be surprised at the benefits. First of all, your eye makeup will appear more vibrant and will last longer. But more importantly, your make up will stop gathering in the crease of your eye or migrating to your upper brow bone.

As we get older and our eyes start to droop and become more hooded, the question of Why is my eyeliner drifting up towards my eyebrow? is more of an issue. Primer keeps everything in place and stops this happening. I never used it all before about the age of 45, now I use it most days. And the one I use is Proof 10 by Etude House.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is undoubtedly a classic eye primer. At £17 for 10ml it’s not the worst, but why spend that if you don’t have to? The Etude House primer, on the other hand, is generally under $5/£4 so you could easily pick up several to stash around the house.

Etude House is a Korean brand known for its princessy-with-an-edge packaging. You get a lot of pastels and cutesiness in the Etude House, but not so much that the sugary sweetness will set your teeth on edge. It’s a little bit more kick ass than that.

Proof 10 Eye Primer comes in an elegant, long handled little bottle which reminds me a lot of the broomsticks Mickey Mouse battles with in Fantasia.



The extended handle connects to a soft doe foot applicator. The primer is initially pale pink, but it applies colourless, making it suitable for any skin tone.

This is a rare re-buy for me. Normally I like to check out what’s new rather than sticking to the same old same old. But it works great. It stops my eye make up from drifting all over the place, doesn’t irritate and helps eye shadow to last all day. Plus it’s cheap as chips. What’s not to love?

Product details – Urban Decay Eye Primer Dupe

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is widely available from many online retailers including Amazon. I bought this from BeautynetKorea for $4.86 – around £3.90