Got beauty items you won’t use? Give and MakeUp instead



I always aim to use up the beauty products I buy and receive for the blog. Often I’ll go back to a review and add in my thoughts once I get to the bottom of the bottle.

But with the best will in the world, you can’t use everything up. Sometimes it is better not to try.  That’s why this week I gathered together some beauty and skincare items I wasn’t going to use and sent them off to Give and MakeUp.

Give and MakeUp is a non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to get everyday essentials into the hands of women who need them the most. You can find the whole history behind the project and more information here on Caroline Hirons’ blog.

Think about a woman turning up to a refuge with absolutely nothing. I’m sure there’s something you’ve got that could help her out. It doesn’t have to be make up – it could be sanitary products, basic toiletries, clothing or something for her children.

Give and Make Up will accept products that are lightly used. Their ethos is that if it’s good enough to pass on to a friend then they’ll take it.

So if you’ve got make up and skincare products that you’re not going to use, please be kind and pass them on. Maybe you’re a blogger who’s ended up with more products than you could use in a lifetime. Perhaps you’ve tried something a few times and it wasn’t for you. Or perhaps you were given a gift that’s just not up your street.


Where to Send:

To donate directly to Refuge in the Southern/London area please direct all parcels to:

Give and Makeup c/o

Pardip Barmi

PO BOX 855


W4 4AW

Wales are still accepting donations for women’s shelters via here:

Give and MakeUp c/o

63-67 Wellfield Road


CF24 3PA


How else to help?

To donate directly to a shelter in your area you can find more information from Women’s Aid here.
If you would like to raise money for Refuge by selling items on EBay you’ll find more information on that here.