A product that gets rid of wrinkles (yes really!)

product that gets rid of wrinkles modeling mask


Lots of you were surprised to hear that the eye masks I featured on Monday really do get rid of wrinkles (at least temporarily) because of the pressure they exert when worn. Well, the joy continues because I’ve got another product which also gets rid of wrinkles, this time from your whole face. It smooths everything out, and the flattening effect lasts for several hours.

I’m talking about modeling masks.

Modeling masks were originally developed for use in special effects make up. They were used to take rubber moulds of the whole face and sculpt it into whatever was required. But then the make up artists noticed how smooth the actors’ faces were after the moulds were removed. This led to the development of modeling masks as a high end spa treatment in Korea, and eventually they became available for home use.

The mask starts off as powder, as you can see in the tub above. Mix in a very small amount of water to create a thick paste, then smear this all over you face.

Like, all over

Korean rubber modeling mask
I know, I missed a trick not using the Shrek ears for this


You have to work quickly because it will soon start to set. Covering over the mouth area is optional, unless you’re planning on Instagramming the process, in which case it’s mandatory.

After around 20 minutes the semi-liquid sludge will have solidified into a rubber mask. It’s so solid that you can peel it off in big chunks, so it’s much less messy than it looks. It’s very satisfying to peel off, but watch out for getting bits stuck in your hairline.

And because your face will have been compressed by a rapidly hardening substance for 20 minutes, it will be noticeably smoother and refreshed when you take it off. Seriously, it’s like you’ve been ironed. The effect lasts for several hours, so this is something you could do in advance of a big night out.

Let me say at this point that I have nothing against wrinkles. I love them so much I grow them every day. Your body is a map of your life, and if you live long enough to have wrinkles then that’s a privilege in itself. It’s just that sometimes it’s fun to try something new, and these masks score high on the fun test.


Where to find modeling masks

As yet I’m not aware of any UK companies selling modeling masks, but if I find any I will add in a link. I buy mine from well-established Korean sellers on eBay. I can often pick up the Inner Kalia brand shown above for as little as 99p. If you prefer to buy from a shop then TesterKorea has a wide range of modeling masks here. I’ve shopped from TK a few times and they are reliable, although orders can take a few weeks to arrive.

You’ll find some more information about innovative Korean beauty products here

UPDATE – The closest thing I could find in the UK is the Sarah Chapman Instant Miracle Mask which looks very similar to a Korean modeling mask. But as it’s £38.50 I think I’ll be sticking with my eBay bargains for now.

What do you think of these masks? Have you ever tried anything like this? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you

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