Review: Magnitone The Full Monty AKA Head and shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes

Magnitone The Full Monty cleansing brush set

Magnitone The Full Monty cleansing brush set

Recently we looked at Magnitone Barefaced, the starter brush in Magnitone London’s range of facial cleansing brushes, and found it to be a thing of many delights – half the price of a Clarisonic and just as good.

Today we’re going supersized as we take a look at Magnitone The Full Monty, which is less face brush and more of a home spa in a box.

So what is The Full Monty? The USP here is that this system treats the skin from head to your actual toes. So as well as the usual facial cleansing brush, it also includes a body exfoliator brush plus a buffing head for sanding the dead skin off your feet. Yummy.

The blurb promises: “Vibra-Sonic Technology: a unique combination of pulsed vibrations AND sonic oscillations that wobbles dirt out of pores, tones and boosts micro-circulation”.

Wobbling dirt! I would pay good money to see that.

There are three functions: Facial Cleanse, Body Exfoliate, Pedi-Buff – all easy to access; just push the button to scroll through.

And five modes in total: Facial Cleanse – Sensitive, Daily Cleanse and PulseLift Toning (when the brush vibrates a bit more to give you a facial massage); Body Exfoliate & Pedi-Buff.

magnitone the full monty review



Of course, like a moth to a grim flame of death, the foot buffer was the first bit I went for. It’s quite an enjoyable thing to do, though I wouldn’t recommend it in public. My feet are especially horrid at the moment because I’ve just done a Japanese foot peel to shed all the dead skin. If we ever see Spring, and sandal season, they’ll be peachy, but right now they’re best kept hidden.

When I used the foot sander, [brace yourself] I could see all the bits of dead skin flying off like dust (top tip: do this whilst sitting in an empty bath and not at church or whilst visiting Grandma). It doesn’t hurt or leave the skin especially tender. My heels were noticeably smoother after one pass, but I think you would have to use this a few times a week to really see the most benefit.

The body buffer brush AKA The Exfoliator is a wide, flat, short-bristled brush designed to buff off all the dead skin you’ve been piling on over the winter. It won’t get rid of your pizza belly but it will make it nicer to stroke. Use it on your gnarly bits like rough elbows and knees. It’s particularly useful if you’re planning to apply fake tan, because that stuff will definitely apply better to a smooth surface.

In the exfoliating and foot-buffing mode, the device runs for 3 minutes and beeps every minute to remind you to move on to another section. This is slightly awkward because if you do a minute on each foot, what do you do for the other minute? So you just have to kind of play it by ear and keep going until the time’s up. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower, though the buffer is designed to be used on dry feet. All in all, it’s like a spa treatment for people who don’t like to leave the house. Hey, introverts need pampering too. (That should totally be a campaign. Or at least a hashtag).

Price-wise, at £130 I think this is pretty good value for all it does. I would say buy this for your mum on Mother’s Day but she can get her own. Get it for you, you’ve made it through the winter and you deserve a treat.


Product Details

The Full Monty by Magnitone London is available from their website and selected online and high street outlets, RRP £130.


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