Seriously silky skin – Jan Marini Body Scrub review

jan marini body scrub

jan marini body scrub


Jan Marini Skin Research is American brand we’ve looked at a few times before – namely their deliciously-scented holiday facial scrub, and their innovative Bioglycolic Cleanser. I’m still using both of those and still really loving them.

So today we’re looking at the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub, which I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks.

The packaging is pretty no-nonsense plain white plastic. A little goes a long way, as you’d expect since it’s a premium body scrub with an RRP of £44 for a large 12oz/355 ml bottle. Scent-wise I would describe it as fresh and marine-like, like a dip in the Californian ocean

The scrub itself has quite a thin, paste-like consistency. As you rub it in, it thickens up and becomes a more solid white paste, though it doesn’t foam. It rinses off easily with water and leaves the skin very smooth and glowing – I think you can tell the difference on my hand below.


jan marini body scrub results


A fan of the brand on Instagram gave me a great tip to use it on dry skin and it really does make a difference – the results are instant.

The very, very fine particles (which you can feel but not really see) combined with glycolic acid serve to exfoliate without damaging or irritating the skin. I think this would be especially good if you suffer from those annoying raised bumps on the tops of your arms and thighs, or keratosis pilaris AKA chicken skin as it’s sometimes known. It’s also the sort of product that’s great to use when you’re gearing up to applying a home tan.

The scrubbing action comes from what the brand describes as ‘Polished Granules’ and ‘exfoliating particles’. This is my only question mark over this product since it does undoubtedly work well. There’s no indication as to what these particles are made of and whether they are biodegradable.


The Green Party recently called for a ban on plastic microbeads in beauty products, since they can be harmful for the environment.  They’ve launched an app called Beat The Microbead, which you can use to scan any product to see if it contains them or not. I downloaded the app and scanned in this scrub and it wasn’t listed.

The app advised that if a product contained Polyethelyne then it did contain plastic. And on looking at the bottle, Oxidised Polyethylene is listed as an ingredient.

But then a little more research tells me that this is a glazing agent commonly used as a food additive. So I’m still none the wiser as to whether this scrub is good or bad for the environment. Although I suspect that if it was ecofriendly then we would hear about it on the blurb. I really would like it to be, since it gives such a great effect and leaves the skin so silky smooth. If not, then it’s back to sugar scrubs for me.



Product details

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub (RRP £44 for 355ml) is available from DermacareDirect, currently reduced to £37


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