Beauty bargain klaxon! The clearance shelf

nails inc bargain set

Beauty bargain time

You know how bloggers often do haul posts about fabulous arrays of goodies that they just had to treat themselves to?

Well, here is mine:



nails inc bargain set

Three whole quid! As you can tell, I live the high life here in (intermittently) sunny Brighton. This is my pruck* from the Boots clearance shelf.

If you have a decent-sized Boots or Superdrug near you, keep your eye open for the clearance shelf. They’re normally tucked away at the back, near the prophylactics and tubes of creams for embarrassing rashes. Not in the glam bit of the store anyway.

The clearance shelf is where you’ll find bargains that have been kicked about the shop a bit, so they might be slightly scuffed or have ripped packaging. You do have to be a bit cautious and check that whatever you’re buying is still complete, or as complete as you’re happy with, given the bargain price reduction.

This Nails Inc set is so old that I can find no mention of it online, though similar sets seem to be around the £30 mark. It’s a canvas pouch with two full sized polishes – a tomatoey red plus a lovely purple; two minis in vibrant shades of pink; plus a mini topcoat. It’s a bit scruffy on the outside (aren’t we all) but everything is new and intact otherwise. Crazy-finger Spring, here I come.


*Pruck = unexpected treasure.

What was your last pruck find?

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