#Juneathon days 26,27 & 28 – Nearly there

For once as I write this I haven’t done my daily exercise for the Juneathon challenge. A day doing boring house stuff has taken my Fitbit total to a miserly 3,000 steps.

I haven’t done any crunches or planks or press ups, on the floor or anywhere else.juneathon logo

It’s embarrassing how inactive a day spent pottering about the house can be, when you look at the stats.

But I am pretty confident that it will happen. I’ve booked myself into gym classes for the next couple of days, so today is the last day I just have to do a home workout. I’m going to do my steps whilst watching the Glastonbury highlights on BBC2 later.


The shops and back for Glasto-snacks and we’re at 6,000 steps already. Rock n roll.