#Juneathon days 24 & 25 – It’s Harry Potter day!

Just a quick one from me because I am having one of those days with too much stuff going on, not enough hours.juneathon logo

Most importantly, this afternoon I’m off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London for the launch of their new Sweets and Treats exhibit.

This will be our third visit, but we’re as excited as if it was the first. So my Fitbit steps today will be taken strolling round Hogwarts.

Also there is the little matter of six features to write, plus a few blog posts that need doing.

So given that I don’t have time to go to the gym, that’s exactly what I did and am just back from a pretty beastly BodyCombat class. I got a stitch, and I never get a stitch.

It was great.

Yesterday’s exercise consisted of a hearty walk around the parks of Brighton with the teenager, discussing her plans to read all the books in the world. Also did my home abs workout and am up to about 20 press ups.

Coming up tomorrow I have a giveaway for a chocolate hamper because amidst all this healthy stuff you’ve got to have a bit of balance haven’t you? 

Then I’ll report back on the Harry Potter Experience and by then we’ll be almost at the end of Juneathon and we can all say Hallelujah together.

Now, back to Hogwarts it is