#Juneathon day 5 – I’m still standing

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Had a full day of invigilating work today, including one exam where we weren’t allowed to walk up and down, so I had an hour and a half of just standing still like a nightclub bouncer.

There’s not a lot you can do, exercise wise, when you’re standing still. I don’t think pelvic floor exercises count for Juneathon.

Apart from that I did as much trotting about as possible and am up nearly 9,000 steps so far – 3,000 steps, or just over a mile, to go. I predict an evening of marching up and down on the spot.

I am really tired after a busy week and don’t really feel like it, but I have the promise of a trip to the pub tonight so am going to do my abs exercises now. My glamorous home gym consists of a yoga mat on the bedroom floor, soundtracked by whatever I can find on my phone.

Today’s exercises are sponsored by Blondie’s Greatest Hits:



It’s not exactly a sterling amount of exercise, but it’s better than nothing and is still keeping to the challenge of exercising every day. Anybody can exercise on the days you feel like it and have time to do the exercise of your choice – and lots of people still don’t do it even then. It’s the days that you don’t have the time or the inclination that are the really challenging ones.