#Juneathon day 4 – Soundtrack to my life

Juneathon logoToday I realised that not feeling like doing any exercise is no reason not to do it. If we all waited until we felt like it, most of us would never raise our bums off the sofa.

So although I didn’t feel like it, today I did my 12,000 steps plus 200 abs exercises plus planks. I found that music helped IMMENSELY so today’s exercises are brought to you by Fall Out Boy and the soundtracks for The Bling Ring and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The good thing about the plank is that it’s a very effective exercise and you can do it even if you have very little time or space available. The bad thing about the plank is that it’s quite static and boring, hence you will need some tunes to distract.






Confession time: When I sing along to this and he sings ‘cup of wine’ I always sing ‘pint of wine’. It just seems to fit better.