#Juneathon day 3 – Cider with rosey


Today is one of those days that’s so packed with STUFF that it’s hard to know where the exercise is going to fit in.Juneathon logo

Normally this would not be a problem because I’ve been to the gym for three days running so it’s about time for a day off. But there are no days off in Juneathon, that’s the kicker.

Yesterday flew by superfast and the weather was so grim I couldn’t even get out for a walk. The only way I could make my 12,000 daily step goal was by joyless marching in front of the telly, finishing at 10pm. 

Today’s walk was much better. I dandered around the park in the early evening and saw a rose, amongst other things. Also saw a shop selling cider.


Then I did the 200 sit ups I’ve committed to on non-gym days – 30 normal crunches plus sets of 20 or 30 of whatever other abs exercises I could think of, until I got to 200. Then I cursed my foolishness at adding planks into the satanic mix and did those too.

Tonight I’m having cider and a movie. It’s all about the balance y’see.