#Juneathon day 29 – Alive and kicking

gym photo


Nearly there! I will be glad of a rest, though I think I might miss Juneathon when it’s over.gym photo

Today’s exercise was sponsored by lots of KICKING and PUNCHING (the air) as we stomped our way through the Monday lunchtime BodyCombat class at the gym.

Gym classes are noticeably more empty now that the weather has improved and regulars are away on holiday. That means that it’s a good time to try out some new classes, as you’ll be more likely to be able to get booked in. If you haven’t tried BodyCombat but you like the idea of kicking, punching and a sweaty red face, give it a go.

Also a special shout out must go to the person who phoned me up for a very, very long time today. As any Fitbitter will tell you, phone calls are the perfect opportunity for a discreet bit of marching on the spot.

So even the most dull teleconference can see you racking up the steps. I’m at 15,000 already today and it’s only 6pm.

Only one day left to go on Juneathon, then we can sleep for a year.