#Juneathon day 22 – What to wear to the gym

juneathon logoLast full week of Juneathon. If you are bored reading about it, imagine how I feel writing about it? At least you don’t have to do the exercise as well. 

Today I made it to Monday BodyCombat class at the gym.

Generally, it doesn’t matter what you wear to the gym. Here in Brighton, it matters even less. You could turn up in a full body squirrel costume, sporting 17 piercings and a dozen vampire erotica tattoos and nobody, just nobody, would bat an eyelid.

So if you are new to gyms and getting your knickers in a twist about what to wear, please don’t. Get your knickers in a twist, that is. It chafes when you’re doing a deep squat.

Other than that, I can offer these sartorial guidelines: 

  • NO to light grey leggings
    As soon as you start to sweat it will look like you’ve peed yourself
  • NO to ordinary leggings
    There’s a difference between ordinary leggings and fitness ones, and it’s not just the price. Fitness leggings tend to be thicker and able to cope with movement. Ordinary leggings will go opaque and show off your Entertainment Department to the person behind you as soon as you bend over, which could get awkward for you both.
  • NO to baggy t shirts
    Even if you never normally wear fitted tops, make an exception in the gym. There is more bending over than you might think in gyms, and your baggy t shirt could easily be wafting around your ears exposing your pounds of flesh to the world. Again, awkward.
  • YES to brand names
    I am normally anti-brand names, because own brand is usually just as good and often made by the same factories. The one exception to this is in sportswear, because in my experience Nike, Adidas and similar tend to be very sturdy and long lasting. If you want a gymwear bargain, TK Maxx is a good option and well worth checking out.
  • NEVER shop at Sweaty Betty
    They were rude to me once in there. Dead to me now.
  • Make up, no make up – no one cares
    Do whatever you like with your own face. It’ll be bright red and sweaty soon enough, not much you can do about that. I like to paint my nails for something to look at when I’m lifting weights but that’s just me.

But above all remember – the other gym goers very probably don’t give a rat’s ass about what you wear. Dress like you’re about to go to a club, or like you slept in those clothes for a month – it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re there and having a go, and therefore automatically look like a hero.