#Juneathon day 21 – Is this thing still on?

If this daily exercise challenge was a piece of cheese, today would be the mouldy bit that nobody wants, except for some insane types who really like mouldy cheese.

I’ve no doubt that there are people still roaring with enthusiasm over Juneathon, but I for one could do with a rest day. I’ve got a good book on the go and would rather sit down and read it than be hoofing about clocking up steps. Possibly I should’ve gone for the audio book, then that might’ve been possible.

Still, I did most of my steps today by marching on the spot whilst watching Sali Hughes’ very interesting interview with Caroline Hirons.


There’s a part two to that interview, so I’ll save it for the next time I’m confined to home but needing to get some steps in. How would people ever hit their Fitbit goals without Youtube videos to march to?

I also did my abs workout plus a total of 20 press ups (I think I’m reaching my limit on those).

Only 9 more days to go! Could be worse, this month could have 31 days in it.