#Juneathon day 20 – Still in the game

Juneathon logoIt’s day 20 of Juneathon, the daily exercise challenge, and two thirds of the way in there’s nothing too exciting to report, apart from the fact that I’m still keeping on keeping on.

Childcare commitments kept me close to home today, though I did force a child to go down the park with me so I could get my 12,000 steps in.

At home I did my 200 abs exercises plus planks and a total of 18 press ups – 4 full ones and the rest three quarters.

I think the secret of getting through a home workout is to have music to distract you, plus it’s easier if you do the hardest exercise first. Everything seems easier after that.

I might do a bit of wine glass lifting as well tonight. That’s the sort of at home exercise anybody can do.