#Juneathon day 14 – My Sunday roast


body combat

To make up for the somewhat flimsy Zumba class earlier in the week, today’s Juneathon exercise was a scorcher of a BodyCombat class.

As far as I can tell, the attitude of Zumba teachers seems to be Hey, let’s have a party!, whereas with Combat teachers it’s more like Work till you want to throw up.

Depends what you prefer really.

I could barely walk after today’s class but I didn’t mind. Half the class are young enough to be my children, so I’m just pleased to be able to keep up. It’s a nice way to spend a Sunday lunchtime.

In other news, I have a new inspirational mentor in the shape of Dave Grohl.

Next time I face a setback in life, I’m going to remember these inspiring words, fix myself and then carry on with the show.dave grohl quote