Eopenmarket Secret Box review – Korean beauty mystery box

It’s been a while since the postman delivered a box of Korean beauty goodies, so today I was delighted to see the arrival of the secret box I ordered from Eopenmarket.

I only ordered this box on the 16th of June, so to have it arrive on 24th is really good. International shipping is free with Eopenmarket, just like with BeautynetKorea, yet both of them ship much faster to the UK than other sites which charge a bomb for postage.

This is Eopenmarket Secret Box 2, so it was a mystery box and I didn’t know what it would contain. The secret box retailed at $19.99 but as I was a brand new customer I immediately got $3 of credit and paid $16.99 for this box (around £10.75). 

If you are thinking of ordering from the site, be aware that the $3 credit deal for new customers only lasts until 30th June so hop on it soon.

There is a choice of four different themes for the Eopenmarket secret boxes. It’s unclear as to what you’re likely to get, but there is mention of receiving from 1 to 5 (and occasionally 6) products from which ever theme you choose:eopenmarket secret box choices




I chose Secret theme 2, for Anti-Aging Care & Moisturising (top right hand picture). Lots of nice products there, and I figured I would probably get 3 or 4 of them, maybe a mix of full and sample sizes (essentially I was yearning for a Memebox of old).

So this is what I got:eopenmarket secret box contents



That’s just two full sized items plus six foil samples.

There’s a Secret Key Repairing Toner and a Secret Key Repairing Emulsion, both containing snail slime plus EGF.eopenmarket secret box tonymoly repairing



Secret Key is a brand I like a lot, and I’ve used their excellent toners before so I’m pleased to see that. The emulsion I’m less keen on because I already have a queue of stuff like that waiting to be used, thought I do like that they’re both from the same line and hopefully will work well together.

The total value of these items is $23.49, so there is not much saving to be had on this mystery box. Mystery boxes really need to have better value than this, otherwise you might as well spend the money on stuff you chose yourself. Though obviously I am totally spoilt by all the Memeboxes I used to buy for half a peanut which would contain a whole bushel of goodies.

EGF is not an ingredient I’ve encountered before. It stands for Epidermal Growth Factor and is credited with plumping up the skin and healing damaged tissues. It’s found in many places including milk, plasma, saliva and …er…urine.

Wait, does that mean there’s pee in my face juice? Meh, it can’t be any worse than the donkey oil.

I do like the samples Eopenmarket have included, especially the chance to try Purito which I’ve not encountered before.eopenmarket secret box samples


Whilst I am very impressed with the fast shipping on this box, and the general experience of shopping on the site, I probably wouldn’t go for one of these secret boxes again. Next time for variety I think I’ll go for Eopenmarket’s Secret Lucky Box which contains over 30 samples and retails at $8.80.

Have you ordered any nice Korean beauty stuff recently? What do you think of this box? Tell me about it in the comments below