Rome in a day

Rome forum

After all the excitement of driving round a top secret test track, it was time to focus on more traditional Roman matters.

Also time to take in a cheeky Doctor Who location. From our bus I spotted Rome’s famous Cinecitta Film Studios, home to many famous epics such as Ben Hur and of course The Fires of Pompeii  (a notable DW episode containing the first sightings of both Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan before they later stormed the show as the Doctor and Amy Pond).

Alas there was no time to stop. There is so much to see and do in Rome, a time machine would come in handy.

Day 1 had been incredibly wet. I didn’t know that they even did rain in Rome. Luckily day 2 was much better as the sun came out and did Rome proud.

After overnighting at boutique hotel La Griffe, we were off to the Colosseum. As one of Rome’s best known attractions, it gets incredibly busy, so it’s important to pre-book your visit. I wouldn’t advise just turning up as you may not get in.

Rome Colosseum

Just across from the Colisseum is the Roman Forum, an absolute must-visit if you like ancient temples, historical artifacts or just hanging out in a robe. 

Our exceptionally knowledgeable guide Carmine had issued us with headsets to listen to his commentary, and this was invaluable because it meant you could wander off a bit and still hear the history. I am a terrible wanderer-offer. And also a bit spoilt by the hi-tech tour guide. I now refuse to walk down the street without an audio commentary to point out the best bits.Roman Forum


Also whilst in Rome we went to Casale Del Giglio vinyeard. Our hosts Bridgestone were keen to show us that as much care goes into their tyres as does into producing fine wine. I had to sample quite a lot of wine to make sure I got the message.

When in Rome…..Roman vineyard


All in all I would say that there’s so much to see and do in Rome that you can never hope to do it all, so pick out your must-sees before you go. Inevitably something will have to be saved for next time. The city centre is notoriously busy for driving and parking, but you can cover quite a lot of ground on foot.

Also, bring a time machine…

Have you been to Rome? What were your highlights?

Thanks to Bridgestone for hosting our tour of Rome