Top 5 kitchen gadgets*

It’s no secret that I love a gadget. Who doesn’t enjoy a new toy with beepy noises and buttons to press? Plus with kitchen gadgets there’s generally food at the end of it too, so that’s a result.

I have to fight hard to stop the kitchen becoming a shrine to the Lakeland catalogue, so I aim to only keep gadgets that I actually use. These are my kitchenalia all stars, what are yours?

    • Juicer
      You may recall that last year I spent four days on a juice-only detox and lived to tell the tale. And then I won a juicer in an online giveaway, so now whenever I need a vitamin boost, lunch looks like this:
    • Bread maker
      Whilst I hear a lot of good things about Panasonic microwave ovens, the company is better known for producing the Rolls Royce of bread makers, and there’s been one squatting in the corner of our kitchen for the last three years. I find I’m most likely to use it directly after visiting an artisan market, of which we have one in every street in Brighton. After exiting muttering FFS! Three quid for a loaf! the next thing I want to do is make one of my own for about 2p.
    • Docking station
      Not strictly speaking a kitchen gadget, but this is what I plug my phone into every night so it can recharge and play some Vitamin String Quartet when I’m making the tea. Warning: may induce dancing. Also makes cooking the dinner less boring.

  • Cake tester
    Pretty minimalist as gadgets go, but surprisingly useful all the same. Use it to check if your cakes are as cooked as they need to be, or to skewer your Christmas cake before you brandify it, or to poke people who annoy you by getting in the way when you’re cooking.
  • Kitchenaid Mixer
    Even if this doesn’t get used as much as it could, it’s a lovely thing to stroke and pretend to be the sort of person who might get through the lower rounds of the Great British Bake Off. Closely related to the Magimix Food Processor, another gadget which doesn’t quite get used enough but looks good enough to earn its space.

Runners up: Toastie maker; digital scales
Late lamented: Waffle maker; blowtorch (too scared to use it)

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget? What would you add to this list?


*Sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic