Help, It’s The Hair Care Bunch – Memebox Special #68 Hair Salon

Memebox restocks are as rare and unpredictable as yeti sightings. You never know which boxes will be restocked. Some never reappear after their initial sale whereas others are reborn so often you half expect to see them popping up in The Walking Dead.

If you’re looking out for a particular sold out Memebox Korean beauty box, keep an eye on the company’s Facebook page for announcement, or just stalk the site 24 hours a day (seriously, people do that). There was quite a big restock in December and I managed to pick up a few boxes that got away.

I didn’t order Hair Salon when it was released because the description sounded like it would be full of gels, mousses and all kinds of stuff that has no business being outside a 1980s Duran Duran video.

In fact it was full of shampoo and conditioning treatments, and I love all that stuff. So when random restocks rolled around I was ON IT.

memebox hair salon

This Hair Salon Memebox was on sale for $29 plus shipping. It contains six items – 5 full size and one sample. Total value = $62, so it’s on the low side compared to other Memeboxes.

  1. La’dor Perfect Hair Filler (two @ 13ml, $5)
    I’m hearing great things about these vials of hair treatment. Plus they are bright blue, making them highly prized amongst Breaking Bad fans. Haircare straight from Heisenberg’s lab? Who wouldn’t want that?
  2. The Shampoo Natural Waterless Shampoo (50ml, $10)
    I’ve never gotten into dry shampoo so this is going straight upstairs to the Teenage Bedroom of Doom, where I will find it under the bed, covered in crud, in about two years’ time.
  3. Na.8 Outbath Treatment (150g, $18)
    This seems to be the star product of the box as I see it getting a whole lotta love online. It’s a citrus-scented leave-in hair treatment, containing Yuzu, a Japanese superfood which apparently looks like an orange but tastes like a lime.
  4. Haken Natural Baobab Oil (160ml, $18)
    Baobab oil is making an early big to be this year’s Argan oil, which in turn was last year’s coconut oil. Baobab is another superfruit, but this time from Africa. Apparently it’s full of nutrients and tastes like a mix of pineapple and melon. This box is turing out to be a fruit salad for the head.
  5. Solucion 9 Aztec Therapy Shampoo Natural Herb (50ml, $8)
    So, Aztec shampoo. I got quite excited about getting this, until I looked up Aztec hairstyles and found out that they seemed to favour shiny bowl cuts. Can I have the shine without the bowl please?
  6. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment (50ml sample, $3)
    I’ve had this product before in Global Box #12 and Luckybox #3 and it’s one product I’m happy to see a repeat of as it’s a really nice conditioner.memebox hair salon contents

So I’m really glad I got a chance to try this box out. It’s full of fascinating and unusual but practical hair products. Memebox description often only bear a loose resemblance to what’s actually in the box and that can go either way, so you have to take those with a pinch – actually a mountain – of salt. And if you do find that a box you wanted gets sold out, pray to the Goddess of Restocks and you might just get lucky.




 Disclosure: I bought this box with my own money.