Memebox Global #15 review

I feel like I am the last person in the Memeverse to review this box, and one of the few who actually really liked it.

Numbered Global boxes are Memebox’s regular monthly beauty boxes which ship out on 24th of each month. They don’t have a theme and will contain a mix of skin care, hair care and make up. I had already ordered boxes 12,13,14 and 16, 17,18, so my inner Sheldon was very twitchy at missing out on Number 15.

But here’s a Memetip for you – if you want a box that’s sold out, check back on the site around the shipping date and you might just see it pop back into stock. It’s like when they do the final count up before posting, there are usually a few left over. So I was able to snap up #15 and could finally sleep easy again.

This box contains 6 full size and 1 sample sized item, with a combined box value of $115 or £71.75

Global Boxes cost $23 or £14 plus shipping, but you can normally get them for less if you’re clever with a code (current Memebox discount codes are at the end of this post). And here’s what Global #15 contained:memebox global 15

  1. Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Hair Treatment Pack (180ml $16)
  2. Mise en Scene Perfect Serum (70ml $9)
    A hair conditioner and serum from the same range, cunningly arriving just as I had run out of both. The serum contains a mix of several oils: argan, camellia, olive, jojoba, coconut, apricot. Do apricots have oil? At any rate, these products leave the hair very soft, but a little goes a long way so I’ve found they’re best kept away from the roots.
  3. Ariul Stress Relieving Cleansing Foam (75ml $8)
    Well I have been feeling quite stressed recently, who knew that a facial cleanser was the answer? Foam cleansers can vary a lot, but this is a nice non-drying one.
  4. TonyMoly BCDation All Master (sample size 20ml $9.60)
    A sample size of the latest version of TonyMoly’s combined BB and CC creams which mix to make a lightweight foundation. It’s quite light-toned but gives good coverage without making you shine like the moon on a hot night.
  5. miss.age Snail Anti Wrinkle Serum (50ml $53)
    The big ticket item in this box is a serum that’s positively pulsating with snail mucus – it’s genuinely slimy. Snails do tend to look very good for their age. Can you tell how old a snail is? Thought not. I’m going to use this with dry face masks to make it a more in-depth treatment. 
  6. Tosowoong Makeon Lip Manicure ($12)
    My least favourite item in the box is a terrifyingly vivid orange/pink lip tint. Looks like it should only be worn after midnight, and I am normally asleep by then. I’ve been having a go with this but it’s so bright I might have to save it for when there’s a power cut and I want to find myself in the dark.
  7. Shara Shara I Wanna Pencil Gel Liner in dark brown ($8)
    Not especially exciting but useful brown eyeliner, for once quite matte and deplete of sparkly bits.


So all in all this was a good box if you wanted hair stuff, or your home is a shell on your back. I liked it a lot. 




I bought this box with my own money.