Making mutant bourbon biscuits

Yes I know bourbon biscuits are about 50p for a packet of 30 but it’s week two of the Easter holidays and I’m running out of ideas.

And there’s no bourbon in them! They are the liars of the biscuit world. But they are chocolatey so we will forgive them this mendacity.

Anyway, my son and I made our own, but mutant. Also a bit turdly, but we’ll get to that later.

This link is to the bourbon biscuit recipe we used. We mutantified it by adding mint flavouring rather than vanilla to the chocolate buttercream filling, and scattering a few honeycomb pieces in the middle.

It’s a very easy recipe to make, but a bit fiddly to put together. Plus when you get to the stage of making four logs of chocolate dough it looks a lot like some other kind of log you might make yourself:making bourbon biscuits



I know, it looks like something a dog owner would scoop up with an old Tesco bag, but you just have to ignore that and press on.


It helps if you have a real bourbon biscuit to hand to get the size and design right. Ten skewered holes in each one will do the job. It’s handy if you have a small person to assist with this, but not too small because toothpicks are a bit health & safety averse for babies.

bourbon biscuit recipe



What you get is a really substantial and delicious chocolate sandwich biscuit, about 16 of them. The original recipe recommends freezing the extras. We never got that far. Reader, we ate them.

And thus endeth another day of the interminable Easter holidays.